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title:“Resolutions Calling Upon Citizens for Aid in a National Financial Crisis”
authors:George Mason
date written:1780-6-1

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Mason, George. "Resolutions Calling Upon Citizens for Aid in a National Financial Crisis." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 627-29. Print.

Resolutions Calling Upon Citizens for Aid in a National Financial Crisis (June 1, 1780)

[1 June 1780]
Resolved, That it be recommended to the members of both Houses of the General Assembly, and to the gentlemen in the country and towns adjacent, for the purpose of complying with the above requisitions of Congress, to advance for the public use so much tobacco and such sums of money as they can possibly spare.
Resolved, That on this urgent occasion, the General Assembly will, on or before the first day of December next, repay to every subscriber a sum of money equal in value at the time of payment, to the sum advanced on this subscription, to be ascertained by the price of tobacco fixed on by the grand jury in the court of June and October next.
Resolved, That any person, his executors or administrators advancing money agreeable to the following resolutions, and paying the same either into the treasury or into the hands of Thomas Nelson, jun. Edmund Pendleton, Fielding Lewis, William Armistead, Garland Anderson, Bartlett Anderson, or William Call, Esquires, shall be allowed to discount the same out of their first taxes, with interest thereon, at the rate of six per centum, upon producing to the collector of the taxes for his county, the auditor's certificate for such payment, and such collector making such discount where it shall not amount to the whole sum mentioned in the certificate, shall endorse the same on the back thereof; and the person to whom it was granted or his assignee, may either receive the balance from the treasury or discount it in like manner out of his next taxes.
Resolved, That any person advancing tobacco agreeable to the above resolutions, which shall have been inspected since the first day of January, 1779, shall be repaid the same in good merchantable tobacco, equal in quality to that advanced, with an interest at the rate of six per centum, on or before the first day of April, which shall be in the year 1781.
Resolved, That the auditors be desired to send expresses at the public charge, to the sheriff of the county of Lancaster, and to such other sheriffs and escheators as are within one hundred miles of Richmond, and have not paid the money due for taxes and for the sale of the estates of British subjects, to require from them immediate payment at the treasury; and that they, in the speediest manner, compel payment from all delinquent sherriffs and escheators in this Commonwealth.
Resolved, That six hundred thousand pounds of the public tobacco, collected by an act, "laying a tax payable in certain enumerated commodities," be sold, in aid of the supplies hereinbefore directed, for the purpose of raising the money called for by Congress; and that the Governor with the advice of Council, take speedy order therein.
Resolved, That so soon as any considerable sum of money shall be obtained on these resolutions; that the Governor transmit the same expeditiously to the treasury of the United States, and continue so doing until the whole sum desired by Congress in their resolutions of May the 19th, shall have been remitted. Resolved, That a subscription be immediately opened at the treasury, for the purpose of borrowing money and tobacco, according to the above resolutions; and the auditors be desired forthwith to forward by express or otherwise, copies of these resolutions, with the form of a subscription annexed, unto Thomas Nelson, jun. Edmund Pendleton, Fielding Lewis, William Armistead, Garland Anderson, Bartlett Anderson and William Call, Esquires.

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