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title:“Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates”
authors:Richard Harison
date written:1788-7-7

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Harison, Richard. "Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 2106-12. Print.
Richard Harison, Notes, Library of Congress

Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates (July 7, 1788)

JONES. Objected to the original Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, that it is without Appeal.—He does not mean to suppose or imply Corruption, but the Judges may be weak or ignorant—therefore proposes Commission of Review—the very Knowledge of which will make the Judges cautious—this alone would be a sufficient Reason for him to bring forward this Proposition— To prevent Jurisdictions being extended by Fiction—moves a Resolution to prevent the same being extended by Fiction or Collusion CONVENTION PROCEEDINGS. Article IV.— passed without any Amendments being proposed— Article V.—Do. Article VI.—
LANSING. with Respect to Treaties— Amendt. Resolved as the Opinion of the Committee that no Treaty should operate to abrogate the Constitution of any State, nor to abrogate any Law of the Union.
* * * * *
Article VII.
SMITH. Considers this Article as a notorious Breach of Faith, and of the Confederation—it may be a Precedent for future Breaches of Faith when a Majority of the States shall think proper—
THOMAS TREDWELL. two thirds of Congress to declare War—
MELANCTON SMITH. As to the 10 Mile Square Art 1st. Sect 8. parag. 17th. My Idea is that the Article should be struck out— A Legislature in electing which they have no agency will represent them and make Laws to bind them— Congress may exempt them from Taxation—May exempt them from answering in Courts out of their Jurisdiction—And that even for Crimes. SMITH. thinks this Clause should be struck out— moves not to exempt from Taxes.
* * * * *
MELANCTON SMITH. No Monopoly, or commercial Company to be erected—
CONVENTION PROCEEDINGS. Declaration of Rights Mr. Lansingh—to be inserted into the Ratification—
GEORGE CLINTON. Many Amendments merely declaratory, others of a different Nature, wishes them to be arranged & the Matters offered in Support of the Clauses considered—to give Time for these Purposes, moves that the Committee rise—

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