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title:“Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates”
authors:Richard Harison
date written:1788-6-21

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Harison, Richard. "Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 1759. Print.
Richard Harison, Notes, Library of Congress.

Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates (June 21, 1788)

SMITH. Corruption
* * * * *
SMITH. —Would observe before he made any Observation
* * * * *
LANSING. Representation should comprise the Feelings and Interests of the Community— Should not leave this to the Operation of Interests—but should ascertain it— The State Govt. different—Reps. drawn from the People and acting under their Eye— (if 2/3d. attend, yet only 26 Members will determine in the Assembly— —If difficult to get People to attend, yet this Reason for encreasing the Representation—)
* * * * *
CLINTON. Wishes to discover what is right— thinks the Representation too small Argument from the State Legislatures Every Member possesses some Knowledge of every Part of the State Different in the general Govt. All obliged to depend upon the Representatives from the State Govt. As to Mode of assessing Taxes— Maladministration in a State Govt. can easily be remedied— Have the same Climates and Feelings in the State but not in so extensive a Govt. —Insurrection in Massachusetts produced a Change in the Spirit of Govt., tho' unsuccessful. Wishes to have an Answer & is seeking for Truth— As to the Union the Dissolution of it remote from his Wish & desires a strong energetic Govt.—one may desire a Consolidation, the other a federal Republic—

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