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title:“Richard Henry Lee to Samuel Adams”
authors:Richard Henry Lee
date written:1789-8-8

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Lee, Richard Henry. "Letter to Samuel Adams." Creating the Bill of Rights. Ed. Kenneth R. Bowling and Helen E. Veit. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. 272. Print.
New York Public Library

Richard Henry Lee to Samuel Adams (August 8, 1789)

But so wonderfully are mens minds now changed upon the subject of liberty, that it would seem as if the sentiments which universally prevailed in 1774 were antediluvian visions, and not the solid reason of fifteen years ago! Among the many striking instances that daily occur, take the following, communicated to me by an honble. member of the H. of R. here. You well know our former respected, republican friend, old Mr. R—g—r—Sh—n [Roger Sherman] of Con. whose person, manners, and every sentiment appeared formerly to be perfectly republican. This very gentleman, our old republican friend opposed a motion for introducing into a bill of rights, an idea that the Military should be subordinate to the Civil power. His reason as stated was "that it would make the people insolent!" This was in a committee of the H. of R. for reporting amendments to the Constitution. The subject of Amendments is now under consideration of the same house—how they will terminate I cannot say—But my wishes are stronger than my expectations.1

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