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title:“Robert Carter to George Mason”
authors:Robert Carter
date written:1768-2-10

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Carter, Robert. "Letter to George Mason." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 80-82. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Dreer Collection, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

Robert Carter to George Mason (February 10, 1768)

Wm'sburg 10th Febry 1768
Your friendly Letter inclosing one for his honor the Governor, also a Notification (which will be published to-morrow in both Gazettes) was put into my hands this day. His honor doth not open Letters after Candles are alighted, therefor the Consideration of yours & a large Packet are postponed, till Sol's rays shall re-illuminate our Atmosphere.
I have before me a transcript of part of Col: Geo: Mercer's letter dated the 18th day of last Sept, which is addressed to his Father. It is annexed to a letter, written by mr Mercer of Malbrough; who saies thou hast a Copy of the same. The Copy of the Report of the Lords recommended to his Majesty & the Order is consequence thereof, I fear are lost. For our only expectation, is on the Duplicates, The Company will have a firm Basis to build on when the Report & order shall arrive; and not otherwise. I apprehend every Resolution, every Request without them, will be premature. I beg leave to remark that the expected order issued on Account of our own memorial. Can we consistently echo it, or necogitate anew, without considering the royal Order? I think we cannot. But what ever shall be determined by the Gentlemen who shall attend, I shall submit to, believing they will deliberately attend to the Papers & Information, that will be layed before them.
I would cheerfully have obeyed the summons if my state of health would have allowed me, so Sir, be pleased to present my Compliments to those Gentlemen who shall attend.
Mr. Mercer begs leave to resign his Place, & recommends Col: Tho Lee, as a very proper Person to act in that office; if the Col will Do the business, he hath my Vote freely.
12th day—
The Packet mentioned above, inclosed a Copy of an order of his Majesty relative to the Ohio-Company. I asked for a Copy of said transcript, but it was thought uncivil to give one before it was communicated to a full Council. His honor comprises in the inclosed letter the general purport of the whole Order in two words, Viz:
Proceedings, & Circumstances. See his Letter.
The Governor is also directed to run a line from the lead-mine
(commonly called Chiswell's) to the Place the late commissioners ended at; who were employed by the Lord Baltimore & Messrs Penn.
It is said that two, or three new Governments will be created to the West & north-west of the presen[t] ones; & neither of them shall include the teritory situate betwixt this Government, and Ohio-river, hen the Restrictions in his Majesty's Proclamaion published in the year 1763, will be taken off.
Intelligence from London. It is said the following INterrogatories will shortly transpire.
Who were the first Advisers, & Establishers of the Ohio-Company?
Have the Company ever given and Consideration tot he Indians for the Land they are claiming? And was the Cession made to Governt, or to the Company.
What sum of money have they imbursed?
Do the Company say his late Majesty directed either of his Governors ot grant 500,000 acres of Land to them, in the year of
1748? And if that shall be insisted on, they must produce the Warrant.
I design, that this article of news shall be inparted to a few Gentlement only, & not made public. I read it only once, & write fm memory, therefor make a proper allowance. Pray furnish me with Answers to these Questions. I am, Sir, Your most obednt & very hum Sert
Robt Carter
P. S.
I shall answer the last Paragraph of your Letter, when I have more Leisure. R. C.
Will not the Govr's Report necessarily require the Company to meet?

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