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title:“Samuel Nasson to George Thatcher”
authors:Samuel Nasson
date written:1789-7-9

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Nasson, Samuel. "Letter to George Thatcher." Creating the Bill of Rights. Ed. Kenneth R. Bowling and Helen E. Veit. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. 260. Print.
Essex Institute, Salem , Massachusetts

Samuel Nasson to George Thatcher (July 9, 1789)

I find that Ammendments are once again on the Carpet. I hope that such may take place as will be for the Best Interest of the whole A Bill of rights well secured that we the people may know how far we may Pro1 ceade in Every Department then their will be no Dispute Between the people and rulers in that may be secured the right to keep arms for Common and Extraordinary Occations such as to secure ourselves against the wild Beast and also to amuse us by fowling and for our Defence against a Common Enemy you know to learn the Use of arms is all that can Save us from a forighn foe that may attempt to subdue us for if we keep up the Use the-of arms and become well acquainted with them we Shall allway be able to look them in the face that arise up against us for it is impossible to Support a Standing armey large Enough to Guard our Lengthy Sea-Coast and now Spare me on the subject of Standing armeys in a time of-Peace the allway was first or last the downfall of all free Governments-it was by their help Caesar made proud Rome Own a Tyrant and a Traytor for a Master.
only think how fatale they ware to the peace of this Countery in 1770 what Confeusion they Brought on the fatal 5 of March I I think the remembrance of that Night is enough to make us Carefull how we Introduce them in a free republican Government II therefore hope they will be Discouraged for I think the man that Enters as a Soldier in a time of peace only for a living is only a fit tool to inslave his fellows for this purpose was a Standing Army first introduced in the Word anoather that-I hope will be Established in the bill is tryals by Juryes in all Causes-Excepting Causes-where the parties agree to be without I never wish to be in the power of any Sett of Men let them be Never so good but hope to be left in the hands of my Countery and if any Enemey means to bribe he must have money anough to settle it with the Country.

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