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title:“Spaight to Governor Caswell”
authors:Richard Dobbs Spaight
date written:1787-6-12

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Spaight, Richard Dobbs. "Letter to Governor Caswell." The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Vol. 3. Ed. Max Farrand. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1911. Print.

Spaight to Governor Caswell (June 12, 1787)

Philadelphia, 12th June, 1787.
I should have done myself the pleasure of writing to your Excellency oftener than I have done, but not being at Liberty to Communicate anything that passes in the Convention, I have nothing to write about.
The time it will require for the Convention to finish the business they have before them being entirely uncertain the deputies are of opinion that a further advance of two months' Salary will be necessary, and have wrote to your Excellency on that Subject by this Post, should your Excellency think proper to grant us warrants for two months' Salary in addition to those we have already drawn.1
[Footnotes as included or written by Farrand]
  • 1 See XLIV and LII below.
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