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title:“Suggested Revisions of Committee of Style Report by George Mason”
authors:George Mason
date written:1787-9-13

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Mason, George. "Suggested Revisions of Committee of Style Report by George Mason." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 269. Print.

Suggested Revisions of Committee of Style Report by George Mason (September 13, 1787)

In the beginning of the 4th. Clause of the 3d. Section of the 1st. Article—Strike out the words—the Vice president of the united States and instead of them insert—a vice-president of the United States shall be chosen in the manner hereinafter directed who
In the 3d. Clause of the 5th. Section of the 1st. Article, after the words such parts add—of the Journals of the Senate.—
At the end of the same Clause add—and a regular Statement agreed to & Account of the Receipts & Expenditure of all public money shall be published from time to time
In the 8th. Section of the 1st. Article to the Beginning of the Clause, before the words To provide for organizing arming & disciplining the Militia—add—That the Liberties of the People may be the better secured against the Danger of regular Troops or standing Armys in time of Peace
In the 3rd. Clause of the 9th. Section of the 1st. Article strike refused out the words—nor any ex post facto Law
In the 4th. Clause of the same Article after the words Census—add—or Enumeration.—
In the 1st. Clause of the 10th. Section of the same Article strike refused out ex post facto Laws.—& after the words obligation of insert—previous
In the latter End of the 3d. Clause of the 2d. Article—Enquire of the Committee about the Senate chusing the vice presiden
In the 7th. Clause of the 1st. Section of the 2d. Article—strike out the words—during the period for which he shall have been elected—and instead of them insert—so as in any manner to affect the person in office at the time of such Encrease or Diminution—

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