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title:“The New-York Daily Gazette”
date written:1789-7-21

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"The New-York Daily Gazette." The Congressional Register 1789-07-21 : . Rpt. in Creating the Bill of Rights. Ed. Kenneth R. Bowling and Helen E. Veit. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. 97. Print.
Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress

The New-York Daily Gazette (July 21, 1789)

Mr. Madison moved the house to resolve itself into a committee of the whole on the state of the union, for the purpose of taking into consideration the subject of amendments to the Constitution, as ordered on his motion of the 8th ult. He thought the present a leisure moment, and was desirous of embracing the the earliest opportunity for discussing and determining the same.
Mr. Ames thought the business would be expedited by referring it, in the first instance, to a select committee; for which reason he moved to discharge the committee of the whole from taking cognizance of the business, and to refer it to a select committee consisting of a member from each state.
This question drew on a long argument, in which the whole day was consumed, and, on the question, Mr. Ames's motion obtained.
Mr. Smith proposed that the committee should have the subject generally before them, without being bound by the amendments proposed by some of the adopting states, and to report what they deemed proper. This being agreed to, the house adjourned until 11 o'clock to-morrow.

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