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title:“The Ohio Company to Robert Dinwiddie”
authors:George Mason, James Scott, Richard Lee, Thomas Ludwell Lee
date written:1761-9-9

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Lee, Thomas Ludwell, George Mason, Richard Lee, et al. "Letter to Robert Dinwiddie." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 46-47. Print.
Manuscript, Mercer Papers, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Ohio Company to Robert Dinwiddie (September 9, 1761)

Sept. 9. 1761
Sir As we may expect a peace next Winter and have no reason to doubt North America will be secured to the British Government, and then Liberty will be granted to his Majestys Subjects in thoseColonies to Settle the Lands on Ohio, we the Committee of the Ohio company think it a proper time as soon as peace is concluded to apply for a Grant for the Lands intended us by his Majestys instructions to Sir William Gooch, and have for that purpose sent over a Petition to his Majesty, and a large and full State of our Caseand have employed Mr. Charlton Palmer a Man we are inform'd of great capacity and diligence to Solicit our cause and Endeabour by all means to get us a patent in England.1
He will be directed to apply to our Members in London for their Advice and Assistance, and as no Person knows the Affair better than Mr. Dinwiddie, not can it be imagined any of the Company have such an acquaintance or interestwith Persons in Power, let us beg you will please exert yourself ingetting us a patent by natural bounds on the best terms possible for reather than be remitted to the Government here, who from jealousy or some other cause have ever endeavoured to disppoint us in every design we could form to settle and improve the Lands. We will agree to any reasonable consideration for such a Deed from England, but if this cannot be obstained then the most plain and positive instructions to the Governor of Virginia be procured on terms the most advantageous to the Company.
We are Sir, with the greatest esteem and regard Yr. very huble. Servts
James Scott
G Mason
Thos. Lud. Lee
Richard Lee

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