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title:“William Davie to James Iredell”
authors:William Davies
date written:1787-5-30

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Davies, William. "Letter to James Iredell." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 35-36. Print.
Autograph Letter Signed, Duke University

William Davie to James Iredell (May 30, 1787)

Philadelphia, May 30, 1787 Dear Sir: After a very fatiguing but rapid journey I arrived here on the 22nd. The Gentlemen of the Convention had been meeting from day to day waiting for the presence of seven States; on the 25th the members from Jersey attended, and General Washington was chosen president. Yesterday nine States were represented, and the great business of the meeting was brought forward by Virginia, with whom the proposition for a Convention had originated. As no progress can yet be expected in a business so weighty and at the same time so complicated, you will not look for anything new from this quarter. Be so good as to favor me, by the next post, with your opinion how far the introduction of judicial and executive powers derived from Congress would be politic or practicable in the States and whether absolute or limited powers for the regulation of trade both as [to] the exports and imports. I 2 I . Burton was a North Carolina delegate to Congress. 22. Farrand (3:31) omitted the final paragraph of this letter. 3 6 SUPPLEMENT TO FARRAND'S RECORDS trouble you frequently and I expect your opinion without reserve. Make my compliments to Mr. Johnston and believe me with great respect your mo. obd. W. R. Davie ALS (Duke University)

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