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title:“William Fleming to George Mason”
authors:William Fleming
date written:1784-6-14

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Fleming, William. "Letter to George Mason." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 803-04. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Harry Innes Papers, Library of Congress

William Fleming to George Mason (June 14, 1784)

Piscattaway, 14th June 1784
I have been lately informed that the person who surveyed your Lands on Panther creek a branch of Green river has run in an entry of mine, by virtue of a Military warrant for one thousand acres in one of your surveys. I expected to have met with you here, convinced that on stating the case, your good sence and candor would prevent any litigation arising from the neglect or oversight who did your business in that quarter. The 28th.* of April by Military warrt. I located one thousand Acres of land on the East side * of Panther creek two Miles above William Baeley Smiths entry. The location was made special, Hubard Taylor who engaged to survey it for me, had a copy of the entry from that time, in his possession, for twelve or Eighteen months, after which time he informed me, he had engaged with Mr. Lee to run out your lands in that quarter, but as he could not do it himself, he designed to employ some person to do it for him, and desired me to give derections to the person he employed, to survey the above tract for me. As I could not release Mr. Taylor from the engagement he was under to me, I did not speak to the person who he sent, relying on his doing the business. In May last Mr. Taylor wrote me my entry was run in, in one of your surveys, & advised me to write to Mr. Lee who was then in Kentucky about it. As I think my right to the above tract is indisputable my entry, being made two days prior to those made by Mr. Lee for you, and the above being a Just state of the case. I hope you will give such derections in the Affair, as well as prevent me the disagreeable necessity of entering a caviar against the survey of Eight Thousand acres of yours which includes my location, and which if I mistake not, is your lowest survey on the East side of Panther creek, for I have not my papers at present with me, fully perswaded, that all disputes are as disagreeable to you as I assure you they are to me. I hope you will write in Answer to this, to Colo. Richard Adams of Richmond who is equally concerned with me in the Affair, and who will convey your favour to me before I set out to Kentucky which I expect will be immediately after harvest. And you will greatly oblige Sir your most Obt. Humble Servt.
* Colo. Flemming has here antidated his Entry one Day; whether by Design, or Mistake, I will not take upon me to determine.
* His mentioning the East side is a Mistake; his entry on the East or upper Side of Panther Creek is only for five hundred Acres; his Entry for one thousand Acres is on the West or lower Side of Panther Creek, as will appear from the attested Office Copys: it is evident also from his own Description in the Letter, vizt. "two Miles above William Bayly Smith's Lands" which Land it is notorious lies on the West or lower Side of Panther Creek, vizt. on that Side next the Ohio River.

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