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title:“William Lee to George Mason”
authors:William Lee
date written:1775-7-13

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Lee, William. "Letter to George Mason." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 240. Print.
File Copy, Lee Letterbook, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

William Lee to George Mason (July 13, 1775)

London 13 July 1775
Dear Sir!
I have just recd. yr. favor of May 20 & am greatly obliged by yr. consignmt. per the Adventure. In consequence of orders from my Br. RH Lee I have insured for you £ 1000 in the Adventure but on Rect: of yr. £ 145 more was added mak: on the whole £ 1145 wch: in case of loss will cover abt. £ 1100 nett. Unless yr. Tobo: is of a very good quality I cannot flatter you with the prospect of gaining as much by its safe arrival for notwithstanding the very alarmg: prospect of public affairs, the price of Tobo. is just as it was some months ago nor do I think it will rise till after Xtmas and then it will depend a good deal on the quantity that is actually made this year, for the buyers will never believe you are in earnest about not shipg:, if you make it, untill they experience yr. resolution by their want of the commodity; However you maybe assured of my exerting myself to return you a pleasing Acct: of Sales. We every day expect to hear of the Spaniards besieging Gibraltar. Shd. this be the case a Genl.
European War will take place in 12 Mos. I am &c.

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