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title:“William Lee to George Mason”
authors:William Lee
date written:1775-7-29

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Lee, William. "Letter to George Mason." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 1. Ed. Bernard Bailyn and James Morton Smith. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 243-44. Print.
File Copy, Lee Letterbook, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

William Lee to George Mason (July 29, 1775)

London, 29 July 1775
The Adventure Capt. Brown is arrived & brot. me yr. very obliging favr. of June ist wth: oo hhds of yr. Tobo. wch: I before wrote you via Phila. were insured according to yr. orders. You may be assured of my best endeavors to return you satisfactory Sales, but the situation of things here is so perplexed & alarming that it is impossible to judge with precision whether it will be best to sell now or wait the Winter market; for my own part I am inclined to think the prices are now as high as they will be for 6 Mos: to come & if the event of parliamtry: interposition wch: you apprehend, & not without reason, shd: interfere things will not mend. When we consider the great loss of weight, especially when Tobo: is landed at this season of the year it is perhaps most advantageous to sell as soon as possible, however as I am fortunately not in distress for money, you may rely on my acting as appears to me most beneficial for you. The present prices, tho' no great demand, are for export 31/4 to 4 .1' lb. for the best stout, waxy & black Jas. River Tobo:. The home consumption price not better, unless for the finest York river &clean good stemd Tobo:. it is clear to me that the American trade to G. B. can never be restored to its former channel. I have more at stake in this business than most people, however the love I have for my Country, as well as an ardent affection for universal Liberty makes me submit with patience to the decrees of Providence which I am convinced over rules in this unhappy contest between G. B. & the Colonies;—therefore I am sure, as Justice is the most amiable attrib- ute of an almighty direction, that you must in the end be successful. We have only the Ministl.: Acct.: of the Bloody engagemt: on the 17 June at Charles Town near Boston, wch: from thence appears greatly to the disadvantage of the Regulars. The Ministers still have no thought of relentg: & fresh supplies of Arms & Ammunition are preparing to be sent to Boston. All I can say is, Quem Deus vult perdere, prius dementat—America must now be a great Empire or a sink for Slaves. Mrs: Lee & my Br. are much obliged by yr. kind Remembrance & I am &c

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