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title:“William Lee to George Mason”
authors:William Lee
date written:1790-6-15

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Lee, William. "Letter to George Mason." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 3. Ed. A Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 1202-03. Print.
File Copy, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

William Lee to George Mason (June 15, 1790)

Green Spring June 15. 1790.
I suppose you have been informed that the Chancellor has orderd a new tryal in the Wmsburg District Court in the Suit you Commenced against me in York Court & obtaind a Judgment therein which was injoined in the high Court of Chancery, Except as to £1112: 13: 8; Thus we are at see again.
My state of health and other Motives make me anxious to Settle all my affairs finally and as quickly as possible even should it be attended with considerable loss to myself for these reasons and to avoid any farther trouble & Expence on either side—I am induced to make you the following proposion. If you will direct your Attorney Mr. Waller to stay all future proceedings & to dismiss the suit, I will immediately pay to him or any one else you may please to direct Interest on the above mentioned Sum of £1112: 13: 8 at the rate of 5 Pr. Ct. Pr. Annom from the date of the Signature of the Diffinitive treaty of Peace Between Great Brittain and the United States of America, which I believe was the 20th Septr. 1783. This Proposal I concieve you will readily agree to because I have very good reason for believing that even your own council are Clearly of opinion that it is the utmost you have the most distant Chance of recovering & on the Contrary I am so advised as to make me think that you will not recover so much on a final determination which may be tedious & distant.
I shall expect your answer in the course of next week, which may be put under cover & directed to Col. Nathaniel Burwell of Carters Grove near Williamsburg as I intend very shortly to set out for the Sweet Springs as the Last resort for the recovery of my Health and in 12 or 14 days Col. Burwell is to set out for his Estate over the Ridge whe [re] he is to spend the Summer so that if your answer does not arrive in the time before mentioned there will be unavoidedlly som delay in the settlement of the Business.

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