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title:“William Paterson to Oliver Ellsworth”
authors:William Paterson, William Patterson
date written:1787-8-23

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Paterson, William and William Patterson. "Letter to Oliver Ellsworth." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 236. Print.

William Paterson to Oliver Ellsworth (August 23, 1787)

New Brunswick,
23d. August, 1787.
What are the Convention about? When will they rise? Will they agree upon a System energetick and effectual, or will they break up without doing any Thing to the Purpose? Full of Disputation and noisy as the Wind, it is said, that you are afraid of the very Windows, and have a Man planted under them to prevent the Secrets and Doings from flying out. The Business, however, is detailed, I hope you will not have as much Altercation upon the Detail, as there was in getting the Principles of the System, if you should, Patridge himself, if Patridge was alive, would not be able to foretell the Time of your rising. I wish you much Speed, and that you may be full of good Works, the first mainly for my own Sake, for I dread going down again to Philada.—
My Compliments to all your Fellow-Labourers under the Same Roof—

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