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Proofreading ConSource Documents

To help us in the editing process, when you browse ConSource resources, use the Flag or Suggest button if you see any of the following:

  • content that's inappropriate or unrelated to constitutional history
  • missing metadata (author, recipient, manuscript location information, etc. that should appear in the right column)
  • a passage that ought to be cross-referenced to a constitutional clause, topic, or another document
  • a passage for which you have an idea of a useful explanatory footnote
  • need for proofreading (note that many spelling errors are from the original text)
  • other errors

Documents with many errors may be the result of automatic conversion from a scan. Mark such documents as in-need of more thorough proofreading.

Volunteer and Research Opportunities

  1. Legal Fellowships for law and graduate students
  2. Research fellowships related to particular document collections and select constitutional topics for undergraduate and graduate students
  3. Civic Education Fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students
  4. Business Development Internships for undergraduate and graduate students

To learn more about these volunteer internships and fellowships, as well as other volunteer opportunities, please email ConSource National Volunteer and Internship Coordinator, Megan Johnson at meg.johnson@consource.org.