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title:“Daniel Carroll to Benjamin Franklin”
authors:Daniel Carroll
date written:1787-12-2

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Carroll, Daniel. "Letter to Benjamin Franklin." Supplement to Max Farrand's The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Ed. James H. Hutson. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. 285. Print.

Daniel Carroll to Benjamin Franklin (December 2, 1787)

Annapolis Dec. 2d. 1787
I am afraid you will think that I have transgressed on your act of kindness, when I inform you that I have been compelled to make use of your observations delivered in the Committee of Convention on the subject of Representation, & those delivered on the 17th of Sept.—the House of Delegates having pass'd a Resolve requesting the attendance of their Deputies to give them information of the proceedings in Convention, Messrs.
McHenry, Jenifer, Martin & myself attended. . . .
Altho' Mr. McHenry distinguis'd himself on this occasion, beyond the most sanguine hopes of his friends, and the expectations of the adverse party, such motives were imputed to many of the Members, to Gl. Washington and yourself by name, and such a misrepresentation made, that I found myself compelled to let Mr. McHenry read your first speech already mention'd, and to read myself that delivered on the 17th of Sept. after having giving a just relation in what manner they were receiv'd by me, & that I did it at the risk of your displeasure, for the public Good.
I have not communicated these speeches to any but Messrs. Th. Johnson Mr. Carroll of Carrollton and my Brother untill this occasion, nor have I suffered any copy to be taken nor will not without your permission to persons I can depend on to be used occasionally for the same purpose I have done it, or will do any thing else with them you may require.

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