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title:“George Mason to Samuel Purviance”
authors:George Mason
date written:1784-2-8

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Mason, George. "Letter to Samuel Purviance." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 793-94. Print.
Recipient's Copy, Duke University, Durham, N.C.

George Mason to Samuel Purviance (February 8, 1784)

Virginia Gunston-Hall Febry. 8th. 1784
I wrote to you some time ago, desiring the Favour of you to send me a Memdm. of the Price of a few School Books, which your Son was so obliging to get for my Boys in Philadelphia; that by knowing the Amount, with the Smith's Tools you was so kind to buy for me, & the charge for mending the Smith's Vice, I might transmit you the Money you had advanced for me; which shou'd have been done long ago, had I known the exact Sum. I have really suffered considerable Inconvenience by not receiving them sooner, and cou'd have imported them in less time from Europe.
Mr. Po[s]ey happening to be at my House this Winter, I desired the Favour of him to pay you for the said Articles, & forward them to me, by the first Vessel from Baltemore to Potomack River. I have lately received a Letter from him, informing me that he had accordingly applyed for them, but had been disappointed in getting them, to send by a Ship, he had then coming round to Potomack. Being just inform'd that Mr. John McLure has a Brig coming from Baltemore to Alexandria, as soon as the Ice breaks away, I entreat the Favour of you to send the said Articles by her; or to deliver them to Mr. Po[s]ey; who has engaged to send them by the first vessel. Mr. Po[s]ey has promised me to pay you the Money for them: or if you will be pleased to furnish me with a Memdm. of the Amount, I will pay the Money to any Person you shall direct in Alexandria, or remit it to you, by the first Safe Hand; whichever is most agreeable to you.
Our last Session of Assembly has compromised, with Congress, the Dispute about our western Territory; and passed an Act, empowering the Virginia Delegates in Congress to execute a Deed of Cession to the United States for all that Part on the North West Side the Ohio, upon the Conditions lately offered by Congress, form'd upon the plan formerly drawn up by our Assembly. There has been some Disturbance last Fall in the Kentucky District; which soon subsided; and I believe was nothing more than the dieing Struggles of the Indiana & Vandalia Companys.
The Supreme Court has held it's first Session in that Country; at which there was the greatest Order & Decorum.
One of my Sons is going out this Spring, to do some Business for me, which will detain him a month or two in the back Country. If you have any Commands there, in which he can serve you, he will take pleasure in executing them. As his Business lies in the Neighbourhood of the Green River, he will probably, upon his Return, be able to give you some satisfactory Information respecting your Lands there. I am, very respectfully, Sir. Your most obdt. Servt.

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