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title:“John Hatley Norton”
authors:John Hatley Norton
date written:1784-5-5

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Norton, John Hatley. "John Hatley Norton." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 801-02. Print.
File Copy, Battaile Muse Papers, Duke University, Durham, N.C.

John Hatley Norton (May 5, 1784)

Winchester May 5th. 1784
Having an Inclination of entering largely into Trade I propose selling a Tract of land in Fauquier Co. being that I purchased some years ago of Mr Hugh Nelson provided I can obtain a price for it nearly its value; as I understand you wish to become a Purchaser of a very fine Tract. I now make you the Offer of it on the following Terms; The price is £ 4 Specie Acre; one fourth payable at the Time of giving Possession at Christmas next, & the remainder in three Years from that period, bearing an interest of 5 Ct. till payment. The Character of the land is well known to be unexceptionable in point of fertility as well as other advantages that cou'd be wished. The Meadow Land is very extensive & fine; two fields well set with Timothy making together about 25 Acres are now in their prime, besides 20 Acres were added last Year for another field, & sewn in Timothy, & the present Year a further addition is to be made. The Barns & outhouses have undergone considerable Repairs very lately, & other Improvements have been made which cost a great deal of Money. There is a tolerable Dwelling House, & some Outhouses. The whole Tract of Land is computed to be near upon 2500 Acres, which lies level, & I shoud imagine at least 300 Acres of fine Meadow might be made on it well adapted to Grass. Since the purchase I made of Mr Nelson I bought about 100 Acres adjoing in order to make the plantation more Square, which will be included in the sale; considering the Plantation in all Points of View it must be allowed by Judges to be of great value, & well worth the price I ask for it indeed nothing shou'd have tempted me to have parted with it but my desire of entering into an extensive plan of business, which perhaps may answer my purposes better than farming or planting. For a more Particular account of the land I refer you to Mr. Balluse a Gentleman who superintends Colo. Fairfax's business, & is well acquainted with it. As soon as you have made yourself acquainted with the Character of the land &considered the Propositions I have made in regard to the Sale, you will be pleased to favour me wth. your answer. Your Letter put into the hands of Mr. Wm. Herbert of Alexandria will reach me in the course of a Week or ten days, as a Post is established between the two Places—being—Sir Your most obdt St
There is Land sufficient cleared to work 15 or zo hands on. This Land joins Colo. Charles Carter of Shirley & Mr. Benjamin Harrisons, & is 26 Miles from Dumfries & Colchester & 28 from Falmouth. If the whole payment is made me at Christmas, I will take £3 / Acre Specie, Tobacco at the cash Market price, likewise Wheat & Flour in Navigation, or bills of exchange will answer in payment.

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