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title:“Melancton Smith's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates”
authors:Melancton Smith
date written:1788-6-23

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Smith, Melancton. "Melancton Smith's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 1805-06. Print.
Melancton Smith, Notes, New York State Library, Albany, New York

Melancton Smith's Notes of the New York Ratification Debates (June 23, 1788)

HARISON. Conceded by all
1. That the Confederation is inadequate— 2d. That union is necessary— 3d. That we ought not to give up the Liberties of the people—1
The numbers a matter of accomodation—ought to have noticed— wo principles Pervade Seca
1. Rep. shall be apportioned according— 2. Each State is to have one— Delaware 33 th[ousan]d— will not increase because nearly full— This State must have a greater number— 3 Years we must have 90 Members—2 To return [to] the mass of the people—and share the comm [on] burden—
* * * * *
R. R. LIVINGSTON. No rule to fix the proportion Objects of the govt. general 100 men may be selected Commercial acqu[aintance] requires extensive— A mans feelings direct him— A man who knows the Interest of the people & feels them—a political weather cock— declaims agt. rich man— intemperance not confined to rich men— very rich the most likely to be difft—Solomon thot. otherwise— ambition not conf[ine]d to the rich— Constables staff— The fact does not warrant that the rich will sooner be chosen— No Aristocracy conceivable—an airy phantom— 1st. Rich— Wise— good—3 Gentleman one [of] the first—wants to bring in those not wise—not educated—highly improper to chuse—highways & hedges coins the term— 12 instd. of 6 65 Aristocrats 12 farther than 6— Congress not corruptible 1st. Annually elected 2. recallable 3. cant serve more than 3 years [in six] 9 States dependt. on the States for living— the present Congress the power [i.e., purse] & the Sword emitted money— Loans— No rule to judge our people think ours too large—the sense of the people— views of Econmy—not on the accot.—400 Dollars a Day
* * * * *
JAY. the govt. must provide for defence agst. foreign force— to War & Peace—4 If they are Sufft. for 9 why not for 10— the State governments extend to Towns & Villages of the genl gov. to our Interests wt each other & wt. foreign Nations— if a State has 20 th[ousan]d

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