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title:“Notification of the Purchase of Manhattan by the Dutch”
date written:1626-11-5

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Notification of the Purchase of Manhattan by the Dutch (November 5, 1626)

Notification of the Purchase of Manhattan by the Dutch; November 5, 1626
High and Mighty Lords:
Yesterday arrived here the ship the Arms of Amsterdam, which sailed from New Netherland, out of the river Mauritius, on the 23rd September. They report that our people are in good heart and live in peace there; the women also have borne some children there. They have purchased the island Manhattes from the Indians for the value of 60 guilders; 'tis 11,000 morgens in size. They had all their grain sowed by the middle of May and reaped by the middle of August. They send thence samples of summer grain such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, buckwheat, canary seed, beans, and flax.
The cargo of the aforesaid ship is: 7246 beaver skins, 17886 otter skins, 675 otter skins, 48 mink skins, 36 wildcat skins, 33 minks, 34 rat skins, considerable oak, timber and hickory.
Herewith, high and mighty Lords, be commended to the mercy of the Almighty. In Amsterdam, the 5th November, A. D. 1626.
Your High Mightinesses' obedient, P. Schagen.
Received, 7th November, 1626.

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