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title:“Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates”
authors:Richard Harison
date written:1788-7-12

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Harison, Richard. "Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates." The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 22. Ed. John P. Kaminski. Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2008. 2152. Print.
Richard Harison, Notes, Library of Congress

Richard Harison's Notes of the New York Ratification Convention Debates (July 12, 1788)

JOHN WILLIAMS. 1. Union absolutely necessary— 2. Old Confederation mischievous— Only one Side of the Question viewed— their Constituents will consider them as betraying their Interests—Manner of exercising the Power always included in the Power itself—
* * * * *
SMITH. Speaks the Sentiments of himself & his Constituents—what is to be done? Supposes we agree upon all other Points except the Conditional—perhaps in an Error as to Power of Congress to call a Convention— 1. Power of Congress— Qu. have Congress a Right to lay down Rules for their future Govt. Admits that they Cannot restrain or annul the Power of future Legislatures—but may agree not to exercise it for a certain Time-— Genl. Legislature cannot annul the Constitution have a Right to say that no Tax shall be laid upon Suffolk for a certain Time— Powers may be exercised differently in different Counties— No Inconveniencies from the present Mode— Are not to adhere to Compacts in setting this Govt. a Foot—break Compacts in forming this Govt.— —present Congress have no Power to accept or recieve refuse the Ratification— they have no Right to judge of the Validity of the Ratification— Next Congress will probably accept the Ratification—This Constitution has never been decided upon properly— Come representing People opposed to the Constitution & must satisfy them—
* * * * *
LANSING. Not authorized to go further than was done in the informal Committee—this will not amount to a Rejection—previous & subsequent Amendmts. the only Difference in the County of Albany, between the Parties— Motives of Expedience, the Reasons why the Constitution was adopted in the several States— No Cöercion implied in the proposed Conditions, nor Injustice— Is it proposed to cöerce the dissenting States?— Septennial Law is a Proof that the Powers of Govt. cannot be parted with safely as they may be exercised agt. the Wishes & Interest of the People—

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