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title:“William Lee to George Mason”
authors:William Lee
date written:1779-3-26

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Lee, William. "Letter to George Mason." The Papers of George Mason. Vol. 2. Ed. Robert A. Rutland. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 491. Print.
File Copy, Lee Letterbooks, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

William Lee to George Mason (March 26, 1779)

Paris, March 26. 1779.
I had very lately the Honour of receiving in Germany Yr. favor of the 8th of Octr. last, wherein you complain of the low price of the Tobacco you were pleased to consign to me in the year 1775 & say, that had the Tobo. been kept up as you desired it wd. have produced more than double the Sum. Neither of these complaints I think, you wd. have made, had you looked at yr. Sales for abt. the same quantity of Tobo. you consigned in that year to other houses in London, & had recollected yr. positive advice in repeated letters to make a Speedy sale. I am pretty sure that I may safely venture to say, that the nett proceeds of the Tobo. wch you consigned to me is higher than that you consigned in the same year to other houses. Had you not positively recommended a speedy sale, I cd. not have kept yr. Tobo. longer, as it was so hard prized in several parts as to decay even before it was sold therefore on some of the Hogsheads I was obliged to make the Purchaser a considerable allowance, even after the delivery, for what was actually rotten; wch. allowance is not in yr. sales, but paid out of my own pocket. Your suspicion that my letter of the 22 May 1777. tho' dated in London was written from Nantes; and that I studiously avoided mentioning any thing to you abt. yr. dft. to Messr. Gruel & Compy. is not well founded.

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